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Christofferson, et al. v. Creation Entertainment, Inc.

 Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles |  Case No. 19STCV11000

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What is the Lawsuit about?
A proposed settlement has been given preliminary approval in a class action lawsuit against Creation Entertainment, Inc. (“Creation”) related to a breach of Creation’s computer systems from approximately February 1, 2018 through October 10, 2018 that was publicly disclosed by Creation on March 19, 2019, Christofferson, et al., v. Creation Entertainment, Inc., Case No. 19STCV11000. Creation denies that it did anything wrong.
Am I a Class Member?
You are a part of the settlement if you resided in the United States and made a purchase using a credit or debit card from Creation and your Personal Information was accessed and/or compromised by unauthorized individuals as part of the Security Incident.
What are the terms of the Settlement?
The proposed Settlement would create a Settlement Fund of $950,000.00 funded by Creation that would be used to pay: (i) Set-tlement Class Members who submit valid claims; (ii) costs of Claims Administration, which are estimated to be $66,000; (iii) any attorney fees of up to 33% of the Settlement Fund (or $313,500) and reasonable expenses of up to $20,000 awarded by the Court to Class Counsel; and (iv) any service awards to the Representative Plaintiffs awarded by the Court. The Settlement also releases all claims of Settlement Class Members against Creation arising from or related to the Security Incident, as detailed in the Settlement Agreement.
What kind of payments can Settlement Class Members receive?
The Settlement allows Settlement Class Members to make a claim for one of two types of Settlement Payments: (1) any Settle-ment Class Member may submit a claim for a Basic Settlement Payment of $200 even if they did not experience any unauthor-ized charges; and (2) Settlement Class Members who experienced unauthorized charges on their credit or debit cards that were not reimbursed, and that the Settlement Class Member believes in good faith were more likely than not a result of the Security Incident, may submit claims for an Extraordinary Reimbursement Settlement Payment for reimbursement of up to $10,000 for such charges, up to three hours of time spent dealing with such charges, and certain other out of pocket expenses. These pay-ment amounts may be adjusted upward or downward depending on the number of Settlement Class Members who submit claims, as described in the Settlement Agreement. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please visit the FAQs page.
What are my options?

Submit a Claim Deadline:

June 22, 2021


You must submit a valid claim form to receive a payment from this Settlement. The deadline to submit a claim form is June 22, 2021.
DO NOTHING You will receive no payment and will no longer be able to sue Creation over the claims resolved in the Settlement.
Exclude Yourself Deadline: May 24, 2021 Get out of the lawsuit. Get no payment. Keep your right to sue separately with your own lawyer. Exclusion instructions are provided in this notice. If you choose to exclude yourself, you must do so by May 24, 2021.

For more information on excluding yourself from the Settlement, please read the Long Form Notice, by clicking here.

Object Deadline: May 24, 2021 You may write to the Court to comment on or detail why you do not like the Settlement by following the instructions in this notice. If you choose to object, you must do so by May 24, 2021.

For more information on objecting to the Settlements please read the Long Form Notice, by clicking here.

Go to a Court Hearing: June 29, 2021 The Final Approval Hearing is on June 29, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. If you or your attorney go to the Hearing it will be at your own expense. You do not need to attend the hearing to receive payment.


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